Getting Our History On..


I so this often actually. And 8m sure a lot of parents are like minded in doing G a quick search to find interesting educational or mouth watering ideas for your family to try.  When your fortunate enough to live in a place like new York you’re bound to bump into something interesting to so.  In this case we happened to be in w Westchester which trust me we are never in, and my handy dandy searched turned up the town of sleepy hollow. Sounda familiar? Well I’d your into creepy headless horseman tales or anything Ixhabod1 crane related you should know this place inside out.   This town is the setting of Washington Irving the legendary of sleepy hollow a Halloween favorite for many.  But other than being the setting for the hair raising headless tale the town boasts a few other accompliahmwnta. Through the Hudson Valley organizational a good number of them have actually been preserved and are here for your enjoyment.

I thought Phillipsburg manor was the right choice because a large part if Adrianna social studies cirixxulwm this year was devoted to slavery and the underground railoroad. She was so moved by the bravery of Harriet tub man and others that worked for freedom for those that were enslaved. Phillips burg manor is actually a very well preserved historical relic which was ran by slaves in the 1400. As a living museum the guides are in full time period dress and provide a thought provoking natrativwb in to the life of a slave working at the manor around 1492.  I have to say though my husband feigned enthusiasm for my benefit but I think he was bored out of his mind.